A Crazy 21st Birthday in Miami

Twenty-one. What an age! By far the most exciting birthday as a young person living in the United States. Naturally, I wanted to go all out and celebrate by living as luxuriously as I could on a college students budget. The closest big, party city to me was Miami and it seemed like the obvious place to go now that I could legally go to 21+ bars and clubs. So me and Haley, my best friend, packed our bags and headed there with absolutely no idea what awaited us. All we knew was that we were staying at the Doubletree Hilton on Biscayne bay, thanks to some Hilton's rewards points. I'll tell this story by surprises numbered 1-10 because that's what this weekend turned out to be: constant surprises.

P.S. I'd like to note that this was one of those nights that I didn't take that many pictures because I was so excited and in the moment.

Surprise #1: Our hotel room and it's view

Not sure if I even need to describe the shock we had because I caught it on video and in pictures immediately, but our room ended up getting upgraded to a VIP guest room with a balcony overlooking the entire Biscayne Bay. A room we didn't pay a single cent for... Best start to the weekend EVER!! We literally were bopping around like happy idiots until we finally decided to get ready around 11 -- not that it's an issue because it's never too late to go out in Miami.

Surprise #2: South Beach... Not our thing.

Naturally as a first time Miami bar hopper with zero experience, we headed to the only place that sounded familiar to us: South Beach. Immediate fail. The moment we stepped onto Collins Avenue we were getting the creepiest looks with the most vulgar things being said to us. Obviously, we were terrified and sat at the first bar that we saw any sort of drink specials (ha). The drink special was buy one, get one free jumbo margaritas, which sounded good until we found out each margarita was $30. I mean it's not a bad price, $15 each, but it wasn't that good and we definitely didn't feel buzzed enough to stay in the area. So I called a local and called an Uber to the place he recommended -- Wynwood.

Surprise #3: Immediate Bottle Service

Literally 3 steps out of the Uber we were approached by a curly headed man saying "Grand opening! Free bottle service!" My first reaction is to always ignore things like that from men I don't know because, quite frankly, it sounds sketchy. Haley looked at me and said "Free bottle service, why not?" and the two of us, as usual, went into this looking for an adventure. Immediately we were led to a table with a few bottles of Grey Goose and a selection of mixers, while being introduced to a number of club promoters and entrepreneurs. In all honesty, it was great because they were not creepy at all and genuinely were just trying to let us have fun, as first timers in their city. It was a decent environment, then they recommended we go to the next bar they were going to and we agreed.

Surprise #4: A techno bar that looked like an enchanted forest

Alright, so this bar was absolutely amazing in reference to its' interior design. It was covered in vines, roots, antique gold and velvet furniture, and a giant great dane sculpture. We were once again offered a table with more bottle service and they told us to be free and have fun, go take pictures, etc. As you can see, we took advantage of these photo opportunities.

Surprise #5: Cutting line at Heart Night Club at 3AM

There was this huge line outside of Heart and the entry was like $80. The promoters literally just told us to follow them and we just walked past everyone. I mean it's not THAT cool but yeah it kind of is when you're not used to this kind of treatment. There's nothing better than free conveniency! Anyways, Heart is pretty crazy looking too. It looks like vines are hanging off of the ceiling and everyone is just jam packed on the dance floor around the bar. We didn't really deal with that because we were just sitting up in VIP like freaking famous people, having constant bottles with firecrackers attached to them delivered to our seats. The best part was, it was just me and my best friend being left alone to "sit and look pretty" and just enjoy the lifestyle. No creeps and no pressure of any sort.

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